The Worst Score Votes
It's like SnapChat but for GIFs.0.008
It's like Spotify but for 3D printing.0.007
It's like ProductHunt but for food trucks.0.007
It's like Kickstarter but for Lollapalooza.0.007
It's like Skype but for parking spots.0.007
It's like LinkedIn but for hypochondriacs.0.006
It's like Square but for viral content.0.006
It's like Netflix but for venture capitalists.0.006
It's like Tumblr but for suburbanites.0.006
It's like Gmail but for startup accelerators.0.006
It's like Warrior Dash but for Lollapalooza.0.006
It's like Reddit but for business networking.0.006
It's like YouTube but for selfies.0.006
It's like Gmail but for political pundits.0.006
It's like Reddit but for security.0.006
Made by @kmkroski and @Erin_Alexa_.